Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome to Bicycling Is Better

The price of gasoline just jumped ten to fifteen cents over the past couple of days. Perhaps you're concerned climate change is human-caused and you want to be part of the solution. Maybe you're sick of sending your hard-earned dollars to oil-exporting countries that don't respect human rights. Maybe your waistline is getting a bit out of hand or you're just tired of feeling tired. Or it could be that you feel like the folks in that Police song: "Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes/ Contestants in a suicidal race."

Bicycling might not solve any of those problems, but if it helps you feel like you're doing something positive about them...well, that's surely a very good thing.

I hope you'll join me every so often to learn about how you can make bicycling a bigger, better part of your life. I'll be posting about bike selection, basic skills, safety, accessories and equipment, and neat tips and tricks to make your cycling life easier.

Have a question? Post a comment and I'll post an answer.

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Rigger. said...

I like this blog.
I do have one thing to add: invest in both a floor pump AND a pump to carry on your bike (or a gas inflator) even if you can't fix a tire yet, you will be able to pump up your slow leak enough to complete that ride to work, or home without having to call in the cavalry. Fixing a flat might be the first maintenance task to learn.

Mighk said...

Thanks Rigger! As you'll see, I made some changes to the How to Buy a Bicycle post. I'll post something on how to fix a flat when I can shoot either photos or video.

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